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Don't waste time to "acclimate" to a new mouthpiece, simply choose the one that actually fits your way of playing


Are you looking for Sergei Nakariakov's new set of mouthpieces?

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From piccolo trumpet to tuba, hundreds of different rims, cups, backbores, weights, shapes, materials and finishes are available.

These mouthpieces are conceived in such a way to achieve a more holistic balance for the player's physical and mental approach. 
Our clients experience more core in their sound, connection between registers, and faster instrument response in ways that they didn't know were possible.
Find what fits you best, and experience it for yourself.


We don't think measuring a trumpet mouthpiece in terms of diameter makes any sense for a number or reasons.

We prefer offering comparison charts that will tell you in a much easier way what size will fit you best.


Trombone with small shank

Trombone with large shank

Trumpet Comparison Chart.JPG

Brass, Phosphor Bronze, Nickel Silver, Stainless Steel, Damasteel, Titanium, Buffalo Horn, Delrin.

No other company in the world offers so many options but we think customers deserve to have the best for their mouthpieces.

Each material responds in a unique and different way, and changes the tonal palette



Fancy engravings? Extreme rim profiles? One of a kind shapes for a special occasion?

With Resonance there is no limit, just reach out, and see if we can accommodate the job: CNC precision meets handmade products to make anything you can dream of become reality.

Check some photos here:

Trombone Luke Malewicz 1.JPG

What most mouthpieces lack is an adjustable amount of resistance that makes the player feel a natural "neutral" state. Our proprietary technology allows you to choose the amount of back pressure and spread of the harmonic series in such a way as to fit your natural playing style. You can choose among many throat sizes, backbores, weights and materials to get the maximum out of your music.


It's undeniable that much of the notoriety of our mouthpieces stems from the stunning finish. 
A mouthpiece doesn't need a certain look to play well... but we feel a great amount of pride in our aesthetics of design.


It's not only economically savvy but with thousands of possible combinations a performer can get exactly what they're looking for, varying only one parameter at a time. 

With so many demands on the professional in the music world, the clear choice is one that allows for flexibility. 

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