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From Trumpets to Flugels, we have them all


Phosphor Bronze or Nickel bells with no wire and a thin rim, One Piece Leadpipe with Integral Threaded Receiver with Variable Gap Backbores, Lightweight either light or medium weight Trim Kits, stunning MAW Valve Block, Hand and CNC made in Italy to perfection.

Months and months of HARD work, new skills to learn and barriers to break. Conceived to be Resonant as hell, incredibly fast responding and easy to play.

These horns are a joy to play and hear!

All Instruments cost 6499 euro

For Silver plating add 700 euro

For Gold plating 1500 euro

Trumpet Nakariakov Model - Sergei's new trumpet

Flugelhorn Sipiagin Model - A True Game Changer

Veloce - Jazz and Classical Cornets

Suprema - The All Round Jazz Trumpet

Estrema - Bronze on Steroids!!!

Romantica - Smooth as silk with a vintage sound

Feroce - The Definitive Mean Horn

Leggera - The Feather Light Lead Horn

Classica - Symphony sound easy to play

Piccola -  Very small but with a soothing sound

Audace -  Coming soon

One Piece Threaded Integral Leadpipe

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