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After almost 2 years of development Sergei has chosen a set of mouthpieces made exclusively in Nickel Silver and silver plated.

They cover all his needs for the extremely demanding repertoire he performs worldwide.

All mouthpieces have a 1-1/4 diameter cup.

There are two "main" mouthpieces that Sergei plays 90% of the time. These are the "must have".

- Trumpet standard throat, long model: for general use

- Flugelhorn extra deep V shaped cup: for pieces that require an extended lower range.

There are 5 additional models that he plays for some special pieces of music:

- Trumpet large throat, large backbore, short blank: when a wider dynamic range is required, like for the Arutunian Concert

- Trumpet with deep V shaped cup, very short model: when a cornet-like sound is preferred, theme and variation pieces from Arban for example.

- Flugelhorn medium deep cup: for pieces that develop in the high range of the instrument

- Cornet with medium deep V shaped cup, short blank: for both a very dark sound and a very clean and fast articulation

- Piccolo Trumpet with medium-shallow cup

Flugelhorn and Piccolo Trumpet models are available with two different shanks:

Flugelhorn: Small (Bach/Courtois) and Large (Yamaha)

Piccolo Trumpet: Small (Cornet) and Large (Trumpet)

Please specify which shank you need by sending us an email: 

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