Modern or antique, to follow your needs

Brass, Phosphor Bronze, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Buffalo Horn or even Damasteel!

We really have a wide selection of materials to start from. Some are pretty common and we know how they behave. Some others are pretty exotics and can offer both an increase in performance or a drastic change in tone quality.

Two good examples are Phosphor Bronze and Buffalo Horn.

The first is tough to machine but gives a very vibrant and resonant tone, response is faster, you can feel all the slots to be more secure.

The second is incredibly light, lively and super fast responding. Many choose it for when it's cold outside but end up keeping it in warm temperatures because it feels so nice on the lips and increases your stamina, also it's a killer lead piece!

Stainless steel has a darker sound, fuzzier articulation and slower response but at a distance it pierces a lot more than all the other materials, carrying way more sound.

Titanium is very light, responds a lot faster than brass, could be called the metal version of the Buffalo Horn tops. Also, it's non allergic, so it's a good option for those who can't play on silver or gold.

Damasteel is a Swedish material, similar to Damascus Steel, that has a pattern inside made of two kinds of stainless steel. Sounds just like normal Stainless Steel but looks like nothing else in this business. Be warned, it's pretty expensive!

My favorite material? Phosphor Bronze! Sounds gorgeous, feels great and it's a lot easier and more stable to play than regular brass. A real gem!



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