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A drastic enhancement of sound and intonation

First Aid: Opening Hours

Hear The Difference

We know everyone is capable of bringing any instrument in tune, no matter how good or bad it is. This video is instead showing how most trumpets sound without that manipulation.

The First Aid aims at moving the harmonic series eliminating the need for the player to bend notes in tune.

This, in turns, results in a better tone as notes will naturally sit in their most resonant place, with matching resistance and similar character throughout the range of the instrument.

An added benefit is that the articulation will be crispier and more efficient.

First Aid: Video

How It Works

Over a decade of experience studying the physics of brass instruments and designing trumpets for some of the world's finest players has led to the development of the First Aid.

The shape, weight and placement of braces play a pivotal role in how the instrument slots from partial to partial.

This device greatly improves typical inconsistencies found in most conventional trumpets.

Adding weight in any place of an instrument changes where nodes and antinodes of each harmonic happen. During our research we found the lower tube of the first slide to be the most effective area and the easiest to perceive.

Far from being a gimmick, this tool allows the player to find a new personal balance that overcomes widespread trumpet design flaws.

First Aid: Video


Since the mouthpiece acoustics, the gap and overall length of the horn (which depends on the room's temperature) will affect the harmonic series, the First Aid placement will be up to personal preference.

Thanks to a simple elastic band you can continuously adjust the First Aid as needed without having to commit to a permanent placement, as you would with braces.

The player will find that ​different mouthpieces or styles of music will require a different setup.

Even 0.1mm can make a difference that an experienced trumpet player can feel right away. Watch the video to learn the best approach to placement.

First Aid: Video


Let's hear what players from around the world have to say about the First Aid.

First Aid: Video


We offer the First Aid in 3 materials: Brass, Nickel Silver and Phosphor Bronze.

Nickel Silver sounds brighter than brass and has a quicker response.

Bronze will make the horn even more stable and will add quite some darkness to your sound.

We are initially offering the First Aid for Trumpet, Cornet, Flugelhorn and Piccolo.

We will soon develop a version for Trombones, Tubas and French Horns.

First Aid: Video


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First Aid: Video
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