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Fast and Dark

There are two main ways of playing cornet, we define them "British" and "American".

The first one is all about a mellow and dark sound, typical of brass bands: deep V shaped cups, depths are Shallow, Medium or Deep 

The second has a much brighter sound, very close to that of a trumpet but much more nimble and crispy.

These will use our range of cups available on trumpet, from A to Lead depths.

Both need a very short backbore that ensures the correct intonation for such a conical instrument.

Here's how our sizes compare to Bach sizes:

VL = Bach 1

L = Bach 1-1/4

ML = Bach 1-1/2

M = Bach 3

MS = Bach 5-7

S = Bach 10-1/2

VS = Bach 15

XS = Bach 17-18

Available in small and big shank, with 40 and 42 throats and Small, Medium and Large backbores to offer the perfect balance in terms of harmonic spread and back pressure level.

Silver Plated mouthpieces price: 179 euro

Gold Plated mouthpieces price: 229 euro

Phosphor Bronze Top: add 50 euro

Nickel Silver Top: add 30 euro

Buffalo Horn Top: subtract 10 euro

Custom Engravings: from 10 to 100 euro depending on complexity

Scan of cup and rim: 50 euro

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