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Small with a big sound

All of our mouthpieces are made to be specific for the length and key of the instrument.

Piccolo backbores are extremely short and use a thick shank wall that helps both intonation and stability for the high register.

Double C's and A's slot perfectly, no need for strange little bells on the fourth slide!

Here's how our sizes compare to Bach sizes:

VL = Bach 1

L = Bach 1-1/4

ML = Bach 1-1/2

M = Bach 3

MS = Bach 5-7

S = Bach 10-1/2

VS = Bach 15

XS = Bach 17-18

Backbores are available with Cornet or Trumpet shanks, 4.00mm or 4.20mm throats and our usual Small, Medium and Large backbores

Silver Plated mouthpieces price: 179 euro

Gold Plated mouthpieces price: 229 euro

Phosphor Bronze Top: add 50 euro

Nickel Silver Top: add 30 euro

Buffalo Horn Top: subtract 10 euro

Custom Engravings: from 10 to 100 euro depending on complexity

Scan of cup and rim: 50 euro

Piccolo: About Us
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