Full sound but easy to play

We offer three styles of cups:

The shallowest is called H, somewhat similar to what the Helleberg is, the entrance to the throat is sharper, to increase the quality of articulation, rim is more comfortable and you can choose between C and F backbores, the first has a darker sound, the second is brighter and easier on the high notes. This cup is has a 8.0mm throat.

The Deep C cup is much deeper, C shaped and offers a more teutonic and full sound, throat is 8.4mm and you can choose between F and GR1 backbores. First one is thought for orchestral use, the other is for modern settings, with a much more direct response, stable feel and much easier to control.

The Deep U cup is not for the faint of heart, very deep and U shaped, for the biggest and broadest sound possible, still 8.4mm throat and same backbores.

For the Japanese market we also have a smaller shank option for F and C backbores with 8.4mm throat.

Standard sizes for all mouthpieces are 32.40 and 33.00 but we are going to widen the choice to mode sizes soon.

We also collaborate with some special artists who have their own models, among them:

Massimo Pirone: 31.50 diameter with 8.4mm throat, medium-shallow cup good for many styles of music

Avital Handler and Heim Mazar, The Israel Tuba Duo: two models, one for symphonic music and one for general use.

Alan Kaplan: two 33.00mm models, one with standard cup, the other with a deeper one. Both used for his work in the Hollywood music scene.

Silver Plated mouthpieces price: 219 euro

Gold Plated mouthpieces price: 279 euro

Bronze: add 50 euro

Custom Engravings: from 10 to 100 euro depending on complexity

Scan of cup and rim: 30 euro



Str. della Chiesa, 46, 10076 Nole TO, Italy

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