Specific for each key of instrument

When AR Resonance started in 2014, we wanted to build a mouthpiece that sounded like the best we ever heard while still being extremely easy to play.The founding concept of all Resonance mouthpieces is to offer the player a back pressure level and the harmonic spread that their body and his skills demand.

We DON'T want the player to acclimate to our mouthpiece, we want to serve the player with the best solution they feel to be the right one.

We've been through all that crazy stuff and we concluded we must not be told what to think, do or feel, we want to be in control.

Silver Plated mouthpieces price: 179 euro

Gold Plated mouthpieces price: 229 euro

Phosphor Bronze Top: add 50 euro

Buffalo Horn Top: subtract 10 euro

Custom Engravings: from 10 to 100 euro depending on complexity

Scan of cup and rim: 30 euro

Our most popular trumpet rim diameters range from Very Large to Extra Small...
VL | L | ML | M | MS | S | VS | XS

We like to say: "From Bach 1 to Cat Anderson!"

You have finely spaced selection of rims sizes with a rounded and comfortable contour and bite. Not too smooth to ruin your attacks, not to edgy to be taxing on the lips, right in the middle.

You fancy a flatter or wider or sharper kind? We have about 50 different options, just tell us what you like and we'll make it!

We off a wide array for every playing style

A | B | C | D | E | LEAD

A is the deepest, Lead the shallowest, each of our tops share the same rim contour to help you switch depth without changing the feel on lips.

If you want to experiment with crazy shapes don't worry, we can make your weirdest dreams come true!

Everything plays a role in a mouthpiece and weight and its distribution is one of the key elements. We prefer to avoid any kind of unbalance as the "player-mouthpiece-trumpet" system has to resonate as a single element. You wouldn't want to run with moon boots or swim with a big hat, would you?
Let's keep it reasonable, your lips will thank you!


While we can customize anything, we have found that 98% of our clients have had extreme success playing either our 40 or 42 throats.

They stand for 4.00 and 4.20 millimiters, roughly #21 and #19 in american sizes. While we think a larger than usual throat is needed to offer a much better sound and perfect intonation we are aware trumpet player are human beings and not aliens!

We don't want you to have to acclimate to our product, they will feel better right away!



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