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Mellow and easy to play

Different people have different tastes and needs so we decided to offer three standard levels of depth, what we call "shallow" (comparable to the depth of a Bach for flugel), "normal" (as deep as a Yamaha) and "deep" (as deep as a Denis Wick).

Here's how our sizes compare to Bach sizes:

VL = Bach 1            17.40mm

L = Bach 1-1/4        17.20mm

ML = Bach 1-1/2      17.00mm

M = Bach 3            16.80mm

MS = Bach 5-7       16.60mm

S = Bach 10-1/2      16.40mm

VS = Bach 15          16.00mm

XS = Bach 17-18     15.60mm

Each cup is available with any of our rim diameters and shape, throats are either 42 (#19) or 46 (#14). We prefer matching the big throats to deep cups to have that typical European super dark sound. Shallower cups and tighter throats can be useful for those that mainly play trumpet and occasionally double on flugel.

Silver Plated mouthpieces price: 179 euro

Gold Plated mouthpieces price: 229 euro

Phosphor Bronze Top: add 70 euro

Nickel Silver Top: add 70 euro

Buffalo Horn Top: subtract 10 euro

Custom Engravings: depends on complexity, write us an email

Scan of cup and rim: 50 euro

Backbores are available with small (Bach), big (Yamaha) and Couesnon shanks with our usual  Small, Medium and Large sizes.

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