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Silver, gold, delrin, raw brass, nickel, bronze even buffalo horn!

We have different materials and finishes available and we pride to take care of our products with a sense of old style. We personally polish and brush each of our mouthpiece or trumpet, we bring them to the plater and follow the entire process in person. We want to make sure everything goes silky smooth: we understand that for many of you a mouthpiece is not just a tool for the job but also a way to express your style.

Custom finishes are available on request: painted engravings, mix of materials.

Many choose us to make an anniversary present from a partner or a company.

We are up to the job, just try us!

Silver Rose and Gold 2.jpg
Various Shapes 3.jpg
Wall of Trombone Mouthpieces 2.jpg
Polished Trumpet Mouthpieces 1.jpg
Buffalo with Silver and Gold 1.jpg
Various Shapes 5.jpg
Silver with Gold Rim 4.jpg
Brushed Vs. Polished 2.jpg
Silver with Gold Rim3.jpg


Str. della Chiesa, 46, 10076 Nole TO, Italy

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