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Any rim, any cup, any depth and any shape you desire


When AR Resonance opened in 2014 one of the first hurdles to tackle was how to make rims and cups easy on the lips, and good for classical and modern players.

While analyzing other makers profiles we came up to the conclusion that three main factors played into this: a bite that made articulation more secure with less effort, a stability on the harmonics thanks to a sharper curve leading to the throat and a cup design that allowed the player to switch the depth or diameter of the mouthpiece without affecting some of the other parameters.
All of AR Resonance mouthpieces are built to have the same exact rim no matter what cup you like. And if you want the rim to be different (wider, flatter, sharper and so on) we match it to any of our cups without affecting tone or how it responds.

Unlike other brands, our C cups maintain consistency throughout various rim sizes.

We understand your needs, don't worry!

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