TOP ONLY for Trombone/Euphonium/Tuba

TOP ONLY for Trombone/Euphonium/Tuba



rim size, depth, throat size, backbore number, key and weight.

For example: MS top with 72 throat, light weight.

If you wish to pay with credit card or bank transfer please write us an email.


Brass, Silver plated: 130 euro Brass

Brass, Gold plated: 180 euro

Phosphor Bronze or Nickel Silver Top, Silver plated: 180 euro

Phosphor Bronze or Nickel Silver Top, Gold plated: 230 euro

Buffalo Horn: 120 euro

Stainless Steel Top: 200 euro

Titanium Top: 250 euro

Damasteel Top: 400 euro


Tuba mouthpieces are available only in Brass or Bronze


All silver plated mouthpieces are in stock 99% of the times.

Steel, Buffalo and Damasteel tops normally require about 1-2 weeks for delivery

Gold plated mouthpieces normally require about 2-6 weeks for delivery

Custom shapes or engravings will be priced depending on complexity.

If you need assistance to select your best option just write us:

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