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An entirely 3D designed and modeled instrument where every component, down to the smallest piece, is conceived to be CNC machined for a perfect fit.

All parts, tools and jigs contribute to the sound, intonation, response and look of this masterpiece.


The 170mm phosphor bronze bell is bent to an harmonious shape that is consistent with our visual language and sound concept.


The new mirror polished ferrules don’t just allow the instrument to be soldered together but rather contribute to fixing the intonation of specific harmonics, darkening the sound and improving the response. All this while contributing to the classy look AR Resonance is worldwide known for.


For the same reason the new caps and finger buttons have been designed to have a specific weight and shape that perfectly matches the tonal needs and visual appeal such as beautiful instrument deserves.


All braces derive from the 3D intersection of parts in our computer model. This allows for an aerospace-grade production with our high end CNC lathes and milling machines.
The whole instrument simply fits so perfectly that no residual tension can



The all new lead pipe is in one piece, machined from a solid nickel silver bar, which allows us to experiment with any shape we want. The final 12 prototypes have been tested by Alex during his last visit until we got to the best, for the best.


We spent a great deal of time on rings alone to make sure the instrument is extremely comfortable to hold and beautiful to look at.

We will soon release a series of detailed photos to show how each part has been made.

Flugelhorn Sipiagin Artist Model

PriceFrom €6,499.00
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