Soave Flugelhorn

Soave Flugelhorn


This flugel has been built with Alex Sipiagin in mind: 150mm Phosphor Bronze bell, super dark and smooth sound when played soft and in the low register, brightens up when you play high and loud.

It's based on a feature very few flugelhorns have in the world: a conical leadpipe with a proper step inside the receiver, just like trumpets have.

This makes the instrument slot like no other flugel can, harmonics are in the same places as our trumpets': solid, clear and dependable.

This is one EASY flugel to play, no need to mess around with your jaw or lips to bend it to your needs.

Bore size is 11.00mm, valve block is still the MAW kind, so air flows nice and smooth no matter how many pistons are pressed.

All of the flugel is in bronze: rings, finger buttons, caps, stems, braces, which are CNC milled on a lathe and hand bent. Even the butterfly screw is in bronze!


If you are looking for a flugel that you can trust, this is the one to have!