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Introducting the brand new Soave 4 valve and Sergei Nakariakov prototype flugelhorn!

These horns took a little bit more of 4 years (one per piston!) to develop. All of the parts, from the humongous 185mm bell down to the smallest of the screws have been modeled in 3D.

Using cutting edge 5 axis CNC machines and softwares we developed a production system that allows for a level of precision never seen in the brass instrument industry.

All machinable parts are turned or milled from solid material and all the connection bits are designed to perfectly match. It’s like a Lego set with a giant bell!

The double trigger mechanism has been conceived to be operated just with the left thumb. With a clever linkage both the first and third slides will move at the same time.

This allows not only for a longer throw (which eliminates all the famous intonation problems with 4 valve flugelhorns) but also to extend the range to a true double pedal C.

Gone are the days of lip bending notes in place.

The loop for the 4th valve is in bronze and has a bigger bore than the rest of the instrument to achieve a full sound with and consistent blow feel when going into pedal and double pedal notes.

The third slide is curled up both for aesthetic purposes and to give better access to the fourth slide.

The instrument is provided with two machined nickel leadpipes, one for the super deep Sergei Nakariakov mouthpieces, one for the normal kinds.

The bell is available in bronze or in copper.

Soave 4 Valve Flugelhorn

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