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Introducing the AR Resonance First Aid


Used by the greatest players in the world: Sergei Nakariakov, Wayne Bergeron, Chris Botti, Fabrizio Bosso, Brian Lynch, Alan Kaplan, Glenn Van Looy, Tero Lindberg, Trent Austin, Jose Sibaja and so many others.


This simple patent pending accessory serves three main purposes:
- fixing the intonation of any instrument
- improving slotting and response
- changing the color of the sound


It’s held in place with an elastic band (on a Bb trumpet it goes on the lower tube of the first slide, hence the name) and after a few minutes of testing you will find the perfect spot.


The “usual suspects” (sharp notes like low C, middle and high G, and flat notes like high E, middle and high C) will move to the correct pitch freeing the player from the need to lip bend notes in place.


Here’s some of the benefits:
- better tuning
- consistent tone quality
- same back pressure on the entire range
- easier and cleaner articulation
- no need for false fingerings
- more resonant sound


Prices as follows:
- Brass silver plated 99 euro
- Bronze or Nickel silver plated 119 euro
- For gold add 30 euro

First Aid

PriceFrom €99.00
  • As with all the other AR Resonance products, we do NOT accept returns.

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