Euphonium Mouthpiece

Euphonium Mouthpiece


Euphonium mouthpieces are now available!



Very Large: 27.00mm

Large: 26.60mm

Medium Large: 26.30mm

Medium: 26.00mm

Medium Small: 25.70mm

Small: 25.40


With a 7.20mm throat and 3 choices of backbore profile for different sounds and feels: small, medium and large.


We offer 4 kinds of shanks:

Standard: largest kind, typical for Besson instruments

European: slightly smaller

German: even smaller, good for some German and Austrian baritone instruments

Small: for student instruments, like some of Yamaha's


Brass, Silver plated: 219 euro

Brass, Gold plated: 279 euro

Buffalo Horn Top, Brass Backbore, Silver plated: 199 euro

Buffalo Horn Top, Brass Backbore, Gold plated: 219 euro

Stainless Steel Top, Brass Backbore, Silver plated: 259 euro

Stainless Steel Top, Brass Backbore, Gold plated: 279 euro

Phosphor Bronze Top, Brass Backbore, Silver plated: 269 euro

Phosphor Bronze Top, Brass Backbore, Gold plated: 329 euro
Damasteel Top, Brass Backbore, Silver or Gold plated: 499 euro

Material and Finish


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