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Meet Alberto Anguzza, the sensational Italian trumpeter hailing from Sicily, whose musical prowess transcends genres from Classical to Jazz, Latin, and Pop. With a passion ignited at the tender age of 7, he embarked on a musical journey under the tutelage of renowned maestros such as Silvio Barbara, Salvatore Piazza and Salvatore Magazù, participating to masterclasses with Pierre Thibaud, and Stefano Bollani, mastering the intricacies of his instrument.

His accolades include triumphs in competitions across Italy, UK, Spain, Bulgaria, and Serbia, marking the inception of his dual career as an orchestral player and a captivating soloist. Notably, in 2008, he established Ottoni Animati, a revered street band that graced stages across the globe, enchanting audiences in the US, UK, France, Spain, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Italy, amassing over 800 mesmerizing performances in 17 unforgettable years.

Alberto's musical magic didn't halt there; he mesmerized millions during the Covid era with his heartfelt rendition of "Imagine" from his balcony, a video later picked up by Gal Gadot for her challenge, amassing over 5 million views. Moreover, his single "Alegria" from 2010 earned accolades, handpicked by none other than David Guetta among his top 5 selections.

A collaborator with an illustrious roster, Alberto Anguzza has lent his talent to names like Pat Rich, Dj Wlady, Dj Gerry, Nick The Nightfly, Spankers, Vinicio Capossela, Paolo Belli, Sagi Rei, Clementino, among others. Not limiting himself to performance, he's also shared his expertise through the publication of two trumpet methods.

As a classical soloist, his repertoire spans Brandt, Hummel, Caccini, Schubert, Charlier, and a regular presence as the first trumpet in classical and lyrical theaters.

Alberto Anguzza, a maestro whose melodies resonate through a lacquered Suprema trumpet, paired with his custom N 1 mouthpiece crafted from Nickel Silver and Bronze, continues to captivate hearts worldwide with his musical prowess.

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