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At age of nineteen, Alan Kaplan was on the road with Buddy Rich. He was the youngest trombonist ever
to play lead with that band.

The next few years found him playing with big band legends such as Harry
James, Louis Bellson, Don Ellis, and Lionel Hampton.
In the ensuing years, Kaplan has become one of the top studio trombone players in Los Angeles. He has recorded albums with countless top stars including Paul McCartney, Lady Gaga, Bob Dylan, Barbra
Streisand, Neil Diamond, just to name a few.
He was a regular member of the staff bands on the Merv Griffin, Joan Rivers, and Star Search TV shows.
Alan has also been in the orchestras on the Oscars, Grammys, and Emmys many times.
His movie credits are perhaps most impressive of all, a list of some 1000 plus films including "Animal
House", "Airplane", "Jurassic World", "Spiderman Homecoming", "War for the Planet of the Apes", “Star
Wars Rogue One”,"Coco", "Ready Player One", and "The Greatest Showman" .
In January of 2002 Alan released his first solo album. It is a beautiful collection of standard ballads
arranged for a thirty piece orchestra called Lonely Town. In August of 2012 He released a new CD called
"Secrets of Hoyt's Garage", and in 2015 he released three play-along albums for Music Minus One.
"Ballads for Trombone with Orchestra", "Standards for Trombone", and "Mostly Mozart Arias".

In 2020 Alan released "More Secrets of Hoyt's Garage"

Alan Kaplan has a full line of mouthpieces:

Tenor Trombone in Nickel Silver, gold plated, light weight. Size is similar to a Bach 11C with a 6.00mm throat and custom AK small shank medium size backbore.

Large Bore Trombone:  Based on a Bach 5GS, Bronze and gold plated, standard weight, 6.5mm throat, large shank and medium size backbore.

Bass Trombone: Based on a Parke Burt Herrick, in bronze, gold plated, standard weight with 7.40mm throat with a custom AK 74 Bass backbore.

Tuba: based on a Warburton 28D, 33.00mm diameter, 8.40mm throat with a GR1 84 Tuba backbore.

Alan Kaplan: Meet The Team
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