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Finger Buttons, Top and Bottom Caps, Valve Stems and Valve Guides

Now available for Monette, Bach, Yamaha, Bauerfeind (Adams), MAW, Schilke, Stomvi, Getzen, Harrelson (Carolbrass) and others soon to come.

When you design an instrument you have to take into account both style and performance.

During the play testing phase many questions arised: should we make the horns as fast and nimble as possible to make them easier to play? Should we go for a darker and thicker sound?

We ended up deciding that Bronze and Nickel are the best materials to suite not only our horns but also any horn in the market.

So we now offer Phosphor Bronze Trim Kits for most brands on the market.

The material we use is very expensive and extremely challenging to machine.

This is why no other brands use it even if everyone recognizes the benefits in terms of playability and resonance.

Prices between 70 and 120 euro per set of 3 parts depending on finishes and quantities. (yeah, much less than what other companies offer with cheaper brass parts) 

Trim Kits: About Us
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